Kråkö Bryggeri tasting- and menu alternatives :

 1 Ordinary Tasting 


Tasting 1 includes  6 different beers(1-1,5 dl each typel) and  tasting-plate with snacks ( Saltbiscits, cucumber, 2 cheese, pepperoni, Kråkö bread, toffee, 1st Porter with mudcake and ice-cream)


  • introducing the ingredients of beer 

  • presentation of brewing process  from grain to bottle

  • how to evaluate beer

  • evaluating beers with different tastes. 

  • duration 1,5h

  • Tasting price 38€/person

 2  Little-Christmas -tasting


Program as in  Tasting 1, with additional Christmas-season delicatessen.

  • duration ca. 2h

  • Tasting pris  38€/pers. 

 3 Tapastasting


Beer-tasting with archipelago-tapas. (Crackers, cucumber, 2 different cheese, minipepperoni, 2-3 types of fish, vine roll, stuffed minipaprika , capris, olives, Kråkö -bread, toffee, 1st Porter with mudcake and ice-cream)

  • Tapastasting pris  50€ /pers.

 4 Dinnertasting:

Tasting as beginner

Main meal: smoked salmon, potatoes, salad

Dessert: Mudcake with ice-cream 

  • 58€/pers.

 5 Meeting-package:

Have a different kind of meeting day in our Brewery.


Kråkö Bryggeri and  Gallery Skolan  offer 5 cozy rooms for a half or a whole day meetings or conferences.(

We have  wifi, video cannon and flip board for your use. 

We can also offer planning and program for your needs in- and outside the Brewery premises.

Morning coffe + salty pastry or  bread.

Lunch, for ex.. smoked salmon, potatoes, salad

Tasting as desert

  • 65€/person

Min.  5 persons, max 25, bigger groups need to negotiate. 

Salty and  sweet delicates with Beer:

  • Nachos, salsa, creme fresh              5 € 

  • Archipelago-tapas                                12 €

       (2 cheese,olives, capris, pepperoni,2-3 fish, minipepperoni, vine roll,

       salty cucumber, stuffed pepperoni, Kråkö bread)

  • Toast                                                   5 €

        vegetable- or ham-cheese  

  • Shrimp-smörgås                                        6 €

  • French fries, aioli                          5€                     

  • Pasta  with mushroom or  shrimp          15€                                 15€

  • Pasta  with pesto                                       12€

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